From boats to hydroelectric power.
Several of APC Composite's current collaborators were already with us during the 1960s. They have been part of an exciting industrial development driven principally by three different factors:

  • Improvements in the working environment.
  • Price development of oil-based raw materials.
  • Research of various new fibre composite applications.

The thermoset industry in Europe began to take-off during the 1960s. In the beginning, the precursors to today's fibre-reinforced polymer composite companies were referred to as "plastics" companies. In Luleå, two such companies were started, which were the embryo of APC Composite today. For these early companies, the manufacturing of leisure boats was the dominant activity. Mostly this was subcontracting work for the leisure boat producers in southern Sweden, but some types of boats were completely built in Luleå.
In the mid-1980s, the ownership of Luleå's composite companies changed and APC Composite began to take shape. This was accompanied by an expansion of our customer base as more and more industries became interested in the benefits of fibre composites for their products. The first major step towards an industrial collaboration was with ABB Service AB to use composites in the refurbishment of generators for the hydroelectric power industry.
This collaboration with ABB Service and ABB Plast led to relationships with many other companies within the ABB Group. By the end of the 1990s, companies within the ABB Group began to be sold off. This provided us with a series of new client companies for our order book.