The Company

Our competitiveness lies in the value created for our customers.

APC Composite manufactures products from fibre-reinforced polymer composites in a wide range of weights and dimensions. To obtain the best results in each individual assignment, we select from various production methods. These include pressure infusion (resin transfer moulding - RTM), vacuum infusion, cold moulding and prepreg processing. Various milling and grinding machines are used to support manufacturing. Most post-mould machining is performed by robots.

Our assignments come from various sectors including construction, energy production, maritime and land transport. Our customers include Kongsberg Maritime, Siemens Turbo Machinery, Lindbäcks, Bombardier, Euromaint, VG-Power and Luleå Generator Service.

There is a value in using APC Composite - our customers always have access to the most up-to-date knowledge in material development and production techniques. Our business philosophy is to be so proficient that companies will use us to take advantage of this value. Hence, we choose to be active in several development projects. We are not always the least expensive, but our knowledge and collected experiences allow us to deliver better or more efficient products. In the end, it pays to work with APC.