Research & development

To be on the cutting-edge of knowledge.
The composites industry is young compared to other structural material industries such as steel or timber. There still remains much to research and develop, and we at APC Composite are on the cutting-edge of knowledge. Therefore, it's natural for us to actively participate and push forward research and development efforts, both nationally and internationally.
APC Composite has participated in both national and international research projects. Hence we contribute to the development of new materials, new applications for the materials, and methods to recycle the materials.
An important aspect for us is the environment. The environmental awareness that has begun to permeate all production means that we take an active role in the development of new materials based on renewable sources. We were the first company to manufacture a series of products in which the resin, fibres and core materials originated completely from renewable sources. During 2010, we manufactured a series of exhibition displays for the Maritime Museum of Stockholm using fibres of flax, a resin of furfuryl alcohol made from hemicellulose, and a core of balsa wood.