Welcome to APC

We manufacture products from fibre-reinforced polymer composites in a wide range of weights and dimensions. To obtain the best results in each individual assignment, we select from various production methods.

Industrial production
APC Composite does not own any of the products that we manufacture for our customers. Nevertheless, we have extensive knowledge of how to produce what our customers want. Our customers own the specific moulds and fixtures that are needed to manufacture their respective products. We store each individual mould together with all process documentation.

Production methods
APC Composite has a broad spectrum of production methods for diverse assignments. We select a production method according to a product's complexity, choice of material and series size.

Research & development
The composites industry is young compared to other structural material industries such as steel or timber. Ongoing research and development is essential, and we at APC Composite are on the cutting-edge of knowledge. Therefore, it's natural for us to actively participate and push forward research and development efforts, both nationally and internationally.